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Teeth Polishing and Whitening Kit
home whitening kit elite

About GlamWhite

  • GlamWhite teeth whitening products deliver professional results without the expense, hassle or tooth sensitivity of a chair-side whitening treatment. Our teeth whitening gels are manufactured in the US formulated in Compliance with EU regulations.
  • GlamWhite offers 4 essential whitening products in the UK: 1) our standard Home Whitening Kit, 2) our Home Whitening Kit Elite, 3) our glamorous on-the-go Whitening Pen, and 4) our incredible teeth polishing and whitening kit. Each product was designed with results and comfort in mind, based on years of bleaching experience of our dental partner and our manufacturer.
  • If you want that Hollywood smile without paying what the stars pay for their beautiful white teeth, GlamWhite is the most practical solution available today.

100% Guaranteed Results

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