Teeth Polishing & Whitening Kit

GlamWhite, Teeth Polishing & Whitening Kit
  • Eliminates plaque & tartar build-up
  • Removes stains & discoloration
  • Safe & easy-to-use
  • Dramatic results
  • No sensitivity
I'm a perfectionist, so when I got involved with GlamWhite we agreed that my name would only be used if we managed to create a bleaching gel that was far superior to everything in the market. I'm Dr. Christian Yaste.

Our Polishing & Whitening Kit combines the physical action of a high-caliber tooth polisher with the chemical action of our powerful teeth whitening pen to give you a beautiful white smile like movie stars and the jet-set crowd. Our polisher works like those used by dentists, and the prophy paste (polishing paste) is the exact same one used by dentists. The kit also includes a dental pick and mirror so that you can scrape off the tartar that builds up over time on your teeth. What makes our pick so superior to other picks for home use is that it’s NOT made of metal like the others. It’s actually made of a resin material that gives it great hardness with some flexibility without having a sharp tip. This allows it to effectively scrape off the tartar, but if you slip it will NOT dig into your gum or hurt you.

Dentists recommend a professional cleaning of the teeth every 6 months, but who can afford that, right? With the GlamWhite Teeth Polishing & Whitening Kit you can give yourself that recommended “scale and polish” (deep cleaning), at a small fraction of the price your dentist would charge.

Dentists usually like to scale and polish your teeth before they whiten your teeth professionally because the whitening gel cannot get through the tartar to the dentine layer of the teeth, where the actual whitening process occurs. So if you have tartar, which usually builds up in between the teeth or near the gums, those parts of the teeth will not whiten that much even when you get a professional teeth whitening treatment. Hence getting a good dental cleaning before whitening is very important.

With our kit, you can not only remove tartar (and the stains associated with it) to prepare for a teeth whitening treatment, but also whiten as the kit includes a whitening pen with our legendary bleaching gel that you can use to whiten after polishing. Our pen contains the most innovative and only natural bleaching gel on the market.

This kit is not your average home whitening kit; it is the polishing & whitening system you would create for yourself if you were a dentist.

Price was £100. Now only £70.



  • Contains everything you need for deep cleaning and whitening your teeth
  • Dramatic results – removes tartar, whitens up to 12 shades, and leaves teeth shining
  • Safe and extremely effective
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Designed for sensitive teeth
  • Noticeable results after just 1 use
  • Natural dental grade bleaching gel
  • Dentist-designed, approved, used and recommended
  • Refills available (for polisher tips and prophy paste)
* VAT not included / Shipping price: £5.00

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Tooth Polisher (hand-held, battery-operated*)
  • 3 Polisher Tips (including cone-shaped)
  • 1 Whitening pen with sodium bicarbonate gel
  • 2 Prophy Polishing Paste cups (dental grade) for use with handheld polisher
  • 1 Dental Mirror
  • 1 Dental Pick (resin material)
  • 1 Cheek Retractor
  • Instructions
  • Packaged in an attractive zipper bag

* Batteries not included

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